It’s Official!

Latvia has the most beautiful women in the world. At least according to ‘an acclaimed freelance writer and blogger’ on this website. I’d seen a link to the article posted on Facebook a few days ago and had a quick look. OK, I’d wanted to see if Irish ladies had made the cut. We hadn’t. Ho hum. Move on. Congratulations Latvians. Finally, surely, this is something you can be happy about?

After all, it’s not like Latvia tops global lists for a lot of things. Although, last year, it was voted ‘The Most Beautiful Country in the World’ by Twitter and Pinterest users in a survey run by First Choice holidays. What can I say? There must be a lot of tree fetishists out there – or dendrophiliacs if you want to be technical about it. Yes, that’s people who are sexually aroused by trees. It’s a real thing – I even looked it up for you.

I'm horny, horny, horny, horny...

I’m horny, horny, horny, horny…

Anyway, back to the matter in hand. The beautiful women. Hurrah for Latvia! If you are a beautiful Latvian woman, pat yourself on the back. (If not, well, maybe it’s time to get back behind your tree.) Anyway, the point is, it’s a time for joy and celebration. Except, wait – this is Latvia we’re talking about, remember?

Yesterday, I had a message from my friend saying ‘Did you see the negative backlash on that beautiful women thing?’ (We’re very eloquent, the Irish.) I hadn’t. So I went back to the article to have a look at the comments. I had assumed that it was probably the other 9 countries who hadn’t quite made it to the top, bickering and backbiting about it. But no, it was the Latvians, Russian Latvians and Expat Latvians all fighting amongst themselves.

All it took was one poor misguided soul to comment:

I am proud that I am a Latvian. We are the most beautiful and smartest in the world!:)

Pretty harmless, you might think. The natural response might have been ‘I’m proud too!’ or ‘Well, I think the Irish are the most beautiful and the smartest but hey, you can’t win them all!’

Here’s what the next comment actually was:

If Latvian are so smart, then why country is so poor and young people run away to live in England, Ireland and etc?

Oh boy, did it ever kick off then! Love for Latvia, deserters, culture, heritage, singing, poverty, homelessness, government corruption, Soviet times, toilet paper, war, rebuilding a country, occupation, factories closing, politics, propaganda, language, Russians who don’t speak Latvian, food, discrimination…

What does any of this have to do with Latvia having beautiful women? Nothing. Why can’t Latvians just accept it when something nice happens, smirk to themselves, and move on? Who knows? Maybe they just don’t like being ‘first’. Maybe it’s too much pressure.

Well, Latvia, I’m here to make your day – maybe. You are officially FIFTH in the world when it comes to internet speed. Happy now?

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Adjusting to life in Germany, after living in Latvia for four years. Should be easy, right?
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65 Responses to It’s Official!

  1. Ilze says:

    Linda, I’ve spent many hours hypnotised by the exquisite faces of the few Irish women I work with and by-golly it’s been a compliment to Latvian girls to have “surpassed” you lovelies. A very, VERY entertaining read. I’m a Latvian girl myself and the bickering stupefies me too – there’s not a single crack it won’t squeeze through(!) BUT! All I need is the Latvian dense woodlands to give me space to calmly breathe in again, and remain humble! 🙂

    • BerLinda says:

      I don’t even think we made the list 😉 Its a long time since I wrote this one! But thank you very much for your positive comment – makes a change 😉 You also gave new meaning to the Latvian love for the forest 😉 It’s not about the mushrooms – it’s about escaping the madness! 🙂

  2. archecotech says:

    Had a good laugh on this one. Must admit the women in Russia are very beautiful, but I’m afraid it’s only brown paper wrapping, and what’s underneath isn’t always the same as the packaging. My they could do a new poll and ask the question about what’s going on inside the brains of these women. Could make some interesting chatter.

  3. All I can say is… fell of my chair laughing… several times with both the post & flurry of responses! We’re clearly all a bit crazy 🙂 In the best possible way!

  4. Ooh, you’re going to get some strange search terms now you’ve started talking about tree fetishists… still, I’m happy for Latvia, even if they’re not happy about it themselves! 🙂

  5. bevchen says:

    Thanks to this post, I now have Rotterdam by The Beautiful South stuck in my head!

  6. Ahrgh! Seems like there’s legions of people out there just waiting for their buttons to be pushed so they can morph into trolls! Only a matter of time before they take me down…

  7. Pecora Nera says:

    It’s the leopard print that helped. 🙂

  8. Best looking women in the world hey? Looks like the Frat-Pack and I might be headed to your shores sooner than I’d originally thought… AND they’re fifth for internet speed. Good to know for when we’re back in our rooms on the porn sites!

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