Isn’t she precious?

For every guy who comes to this blog looking for Latvian women, and for everyone who doesn’t believe me when I say how mad they are, this video is for you.

Yes, it’s Sindra, all the way from Middle Earth/Latvia auditioning for the X Factor.

I had to watch it again this morning because I wasn’t sure if I’d dreamt it last night…

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Adjusting to life in Germany, after living in Latvia for four years. Should be easy, right?
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  1. DΕΎuris says:

    Besides that twitter she also has a utub –
    There is some weird LARP stuff and some nice songs like

  2. Daiga says:

    I read your blog and can’t figure out what did you expect when came to Latvia?
    Yes, we do not smile as often as average European, we have lower self confidence but otherwise we are more less the same.
    To be honest, after couple of years in UK I would be able to write something even worse about locals here…. But not sure if I want to waist my energy on that, besides…. I assume you came willingly, nobody threaten you to waste your life in this horrible place….
    I think you should think thorowly about Janis = John (equivalent all over the world) suggestion mentioned some posts later…. If it’s really so bad there…

    • Expat Eye says:

      Hi Daiga, thanks for you comment.

      So…where to begin with my reply. I guess I probably knew what to expect (more than most), as I’d lived in Poland for a year before I got here – they have sour faces and crap winters too.

      But, believe it or not, to most people, Latvia was barely a blip on the radar until quite recently, so life here can come as a surprise to some. Pretty much every expat here says the same things I do – I’m just one of the few who actually writes about it.

      I wonder what you expected when you first moved to the UK? I’m sure whatever it was, it wasn’t entirely accurate. Things are different everywhere, not necessarily better or worse, just different, and yes, sometimes frustrating or annoying, but also funny and entertaining. And that’s what I choose to write about. Clearly, you’ve recognised some truth in it. But wherever I lived, I’d have something to say – I’m not sure if it’s an Irish thing or just a me thing, but there’s always going to be something. However, I do think that Irish people have an ability to laugh at themselves and sometimes forget that other people lack that quality.

      There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people in blogland living in different countries who write about things that bug or amuse them. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like where they’re living, just that it’s different to them. Like you say, you’d have plenty to write about your experiences in the UK – you choose not to. And that’s fair enough – clearly you’re a busy woman. Frankly, I’m surprised you ‘waisted’ your time commenting.

      And maybe if life is so terrible for you in the UK, you should consider coming back?


  3. Ellyse says:

    fast forward to 20 minutes?? the version that came up for me was a youtube clip that only went to 6:19…where can I find 14 minutes more of Sindra of Middle Earth?

    • Expat Eye says:

      Oops, sorry, I changed the link as soon as someone uploaded a youtube one! The first link was to the whole show which was an hour long and Sindra was on 2nd or 3rd – believe me, 6 minutes is plenty!! πŸ™‚

  4. gina4star says:

    Oh! Louis’ reaction… “You’re whaaaaat?” My reaction exactly!

  5. Lila says:

    in eastern europe and russia we cannot afford being feminists since Hitler and Stalin massacred our male population in WWII, and the men havent fully recovered ever since. we would not want to hurt and discriminate our men and add more to their burden. in some countries men are a bit nicer in some countries they are still on the tough side. im not sure about latvia but in russia and ukraine the shortage of men causes women to settle for less and appreciate what we have. sometimes that includes doing most of the work and just being happy that your husband came back home sober. maybe thats why russian and eastern european women like foreighners cause they hope those guys would be a bit more appreciative.
    unfortunately, more and more western men come to latvia, russia and ukraine as sex tourists thats why recently less and less eastern european girls trust them and want to be with them. to the western guys who hope to find a nice beautifull and submissive girl in the baltics or eastern europe – if youre a nice guy, with an easy going personality, came here with good intentions and took care to learn the language and make some local friends, you will be able to meet some amazing women. if you come to have some fun you ll get nothing but easy bad girls and one night stands.
    im also glad to learn from this blog that latvian women are apparently family oriented and want to marry early and have kids. i think its great! latvian men must be very lucky.

    • Expat Eye says:

      For once, I’m actually stumped.

      I’m not sure which is more pathetic – the fact that these men are still clinging to WWII as an excuse to be good-for-nothing layabouts or the fact that their women accept it. Personally, I’d rather be single (and potentially die alone and be eaten by cats before anyone discovers my body) than be with somebody who might come home sober 1% of the time – and expect me to be grateful for it. In my (ever so humble) opinion, these men need to grow a pair. Or their women need to show them the door.

      I have no problem with people getting married young, if they are in love and if that’s what they want. However, if they only get married because that’s what’s expected of them by their mothers/grandmothers and any other people who stick their noses where they don’t belong, then it’s just tragic for all involved. Especially for the poor kids who are brought into the world during these (usually short-lived) marriages.

      Sorry if that comes across as harsh, or god forbid, ‘feminist’ but that’s how I feel about it. Feel free to try to convince me otherwise. Linda.

      • Lila says:

        oh I know its pathetic. but the problem is, the men in my country dont try to change, thats all. they dont really have to… so a lot of us ladies remain single which of course damages the demographic situation. some try to find their happiness overseas – often in vain. i was just trying to explain that being a feminist in this part of the world gets a girl no where… according to my experience.

        and yeah, there s also another side to this. as funny as it may seem, a lot of our men feel very confident about themselves due to the fact thats its a very pro – male culture without feminism. as a result, they are not afraid to flirt with women aggressively, show their manly side more often then western men, pay for dinners, take of your coat, open doors, show more inititative on dates… as a result ive heard from some english girls who went to live in poland and russia, for instance, that they were pleasantly suprized by the chivalry and masculinity of these guys and fell for them. so who knows whats the right way. me. im kinda more attracted to british guys even though they never paid for me and never gave me flowers. they just seem somehow more reliable. as a result my current boyfriend is british=))

        speaking of latvian men though – ive been there only once and found the guys in Riga just so handsome and atrractive… maybe its because of my bad vision?? hehe=) however the women definitely outnumber them

      • Expat Eye says:

        I’m glad you replied! My comment yesterday was definitely a little on the sharp side πŸ˜‰

        Where on earth did you go in Riga that you saw all of these attractive guys?! You should write a guide book πŸ™‚

        Latvian men don’t really seem to pay. I think it’s definitely more of a Russian thing – but I don’t really have a problem paying my own way anyway. It’s nice on a first date if he pays though πŸ˜‰ It’s just chivalry, which hopefully isn’t dead!

    • Cat lady says:

      Lila, believe it or not, not everyone is looking for someone who is ”family-oriented” and wants to have a bunch of kids at the age of 20. Also, not every guy is looking for someone who is ”’submissive”. Some men appreciate educated women who are willing to discuss things and (gasp!) disagree with their boyfriends/husbands every now and then.

      That said, I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with giving birth early or only caring about getting married. To each his own! What I do think, though, is that no woman should tolerate a guy with an addiction or suffer from any physical or emotional abuse simply because she believes she can’t ”do any better”. Women should really learn that being self-sufficient is not necessarily about staying single forever. It’s about learning to be okay with the person you are, enjoying your own company, and having self-respect. In my opinion, that’s essential to have a healthy relationship with another person.

      • Expat Eye says:

        I can’t thank you enough for this comment! Sometimes, I feel like I’m going mad. This was exactly what I wanted to say, just couldn’t put it in as nice a way as you did!

    • Pecora Nera says:

      If I came home drunk, I would expect to find Mrs Sensible and her rolling pin waiting for me.

    • xyz says:

      I am latvian and I can afford to be feminist (by the way, the first feminists were fighting for equal rights for both genders, e.g. women rights to education, voting) and I do not care if some Latvian or any other Eastern European men haven`t recovered from WW2 or the French revolution or the collapse of Roman empire or whatever else (and what about women who saw the war? and lost their husbands, brothers, sons? didnt they suffer?)
      ok, dont want to get started on this subject……

      couldnt agree more: “Personally, I’d rather be single (and potentially die alone and be eaten by cats before anyone discovers my body) than be with somebody who might come home sober 1% of the time – and expect me to be grateful for it.”

  6. They do? The world once again leaves me in awe. Why would they? We are all just humans regardless of which bit of earth we stand upon. WOW

  7. AdmirerOfBeauty says:

    Her eyes are emeralds! Is it true that Latvian and eastern European women in general are better home makers and not tainted by the “feminist” plague like their Western counterparts? Are they religious?

    • Expat Eye says:

      I don’t know if I’d call it a plague! In fact, I’d say living in this country has actually turned me into a strident feminist in a way that living in Western Europe wouldn’t have! But it’s true that Latvian women are pretty handy around the home. First they could build your home, then they’d make you a nice outfit, go rooting around in the garden/forest and turn whatever they find into a meal for around 20 people, using nothing but a gas stove and no running water. πŸ™‚ True story – the last part anyway. πŸ˜‰ I wouldn’t say people here are particularly religious – the biggest celebration is a pagan festival – but the main religions are Lutheran and Russian Orthodox (if you’re Russian). You looking for a woman?? Linda.

      • lafemmet says:

        I couldn’t agree more, I feel like I have stepped back in time 50 to a hundred years more often than not here in Serbia. Women seem to do ALL the work while men sit on their butts or go have a coffee or pivo with friends. I also agree about the capabilities of women. I have said more than once my mother in law could make, bake or build anything. Even build a car! She is amazing. About the only thing she can’t do is stand up for herself to her lazy husband. While I want to be as capable (and am succeeding), I would rather be able to that than most anything else. Biting my tongue with so much more to say…End Rant.

      • Expat Eye says:

        Ha ha, it’s good to get these things off your chest! And I totally agree with you about the woman/man thing in these parts. I get so mad when I see these beautiful, smart girls about to go to university and all they can think about is getting a man. In this day and age! GRRRR!

  8. pollyheath says:

    It worked for me. Oh that lovely Latvian Elvish Princess. Are there many near you?

  9. Do I declare some Leprechaunian jealousy! I thought she was FABULOUS!

  10. Doesn’t appear to be loading for me… will try again later. Don’t want to be missing out on this!

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