Expat Eye on Latvia

Judgement Day


Gundega: Do you write a blog?

Me: SHHH! (Looking around like a fugitive) Yes, I do…

Gundega: No, no, I love it!

Me: Oh. Great, thanks! Glad you like it. 

(pregnant pause)

Gundega: (with a healthy amount of desperation) Don’t leave us. 

And with that, my cover was blown. You see, Gundega was a Latvian teacher and we were at the Riga Regional Finals of the English Speaking Union (ESU) International Public Speaking Competition. What was I doing there? Well, someone had decided that I would be a good judge. I know, right?

I’d been in disguise all day as a ‘nice person’ which, quite frankly, was starting to wear thin.

Luckily, there were two other judges present to counteract my general awkwardness. A Canadian Latvian girl called Happiness (Laime) and an immensely slappable American Latvian called, yep, you guessed it, Jānis. I presume he had been John when he lived in the States. Maybe too many people there wanted to slap him so he decided to move back to the homeland where there are lots of trees to hide behind.

Anyway, you can read all about my adventures over at The Baltic Times Blog.

Yep, they let me loose there again.