A few days in Daugavpils (Part one)

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Expat Eye on Latvia

“It’s a total shithole.”

“It’s a dangerous shithole.”

“It’s a shithole full of crazy people.”

My friends’ reactions when I voiced my travel plans only made me more curious to check out Latvia’s second largest city. Daugavpils, with a population of over 100,000, is the most Russian of the Latvian cities and lies just 33km from the Belarusian border in the Latgale region. Anyone who’s spoken to a ‘real’ Latvian will probably have heard horror stories about Daugavpils – in short, it sounded like just my kind of place.

I hopped on an express bus at 2.30 on Thursday afternoon, and steeled myself for another 3 hours and 40 minutes of tree porn. However, this route would turn out to be a pleasant surprise, dotted as it is with lots of little towns and villages along the way. I even managed to finally go through the wonderfully-named ‘Ogre’ (pronounced something like wo-AH-greh). The…

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  1. ‘it’s a shit hole.’

    ‘i’ve gotta see this!’ – appropriate reaction! 😉

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