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Expat has left the building

So Latvia, it seems like our time together has come to an end. Now, now, hold it together. It’s true that we’ve had our ups and downs, but I like to think that, overall, it’s been more positive than negative. … Continue reading

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The Russian does Riga

Wednesday saw the arrival of my new best friend, Anna. Long-time readers will know that Anna and I have been following each other’s blogs for a while now and have become friends through lengthy comment and email chains – mainly bonding over … Continue reading

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Like Latvia, or else…

Latvians have this quirky little habit of overselling everything that is Latvian. Everything from the crumbling charms of Kalnciema Kvartals, to the ramshackle one-horse town that is Pavilosta, has been described to me as “stunning”. Actually, it’s probably advisable not … Continue reading

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Why do people move to Latvia?

Should you take the leap and decide to move to Latvia, the first question you will probably be asked is “Why did you move to Latvia?”. Closely followed by, “But why? Why Latvia?”. Now I know why I moved here, … Continue reading

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Jānis and Gunta, sittin’ in a tree…

I recently agreed to do an interview for The Northern California Review (ZK Apskats) – a bulletin published by the Northern Californian Latvian Association. While my dealings with the Latvian media have been, on the whole, dire, I thought that this might … Continue reading

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The Latvians’ Lair

Oh Latvians! You thought you were home free, didn’t you? You thought I wouldn’t find it. I know what you were thinking – “Well, she’s been here nearly four years and she hasn’t found it yet. What are the chances … Continue reading

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The Fear

With just over three weeks remaining until I up sticks and move to Berlin, it’s fair to say that THE FEAR has me firmly in its clutches. I’d estimate that around 5% of me is excited, while the other 95% … Continue reading

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If you can’t beat ’em, ROARRR!

I had planned on this being the last ever post on Expat Eye on Latvia, but I’ve never been known for my restraint. Call it a case of premature publication, if you will.  When my friend Lāsma (which definitely doesn’t … Continue reading

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You’ll miss me when I’m gone

Well, my dear Latvians, our time together is almost at an end. Try to hold back the tears. While I know that you’ll miss me desperately, fear not, there are several other foreigners out there writing blogs on Riga/Latvia too. Of … Continue reading

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For the love of Latvian men

The other day, I received an interesting message. It was from a Scandinavian girl wondering what it’s like to date a Latvian man. Now, I get messages all the time from men asking about Latvian women. These conversations generally go like this.  … Continue reading

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