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For the love of Latvian men

The other day, I received an interesting message. It was from a Scandinavian girl wondering what it’s like to date a Latvian man. Now, I get messages all the time from men asking about Latvian women. These conversations generally go like this.  … Continue reading

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Where have all the Jāņi gone?

While on a walking tour in Berlin, I got chatting to a guy – as I do. Me: So, where are you from? Guy: I live in Nürnberg. Me: (Instantly suspicious)  Guy: And you? Me: Well, I’m from Ireland but I … Continue reading

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A few days in Daugavpils (Part three)

Yet again, I woke up at the crack of dawn, thanks to the paper thin blinds and the creaking of old trams (and old bones) outside my window. After trying to convince myself that I was asleep for another couple of … Continue reading

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Latvia. Home of the Homophobe.

It’s catchier than ‘Latvia – The Land that Sings’, don’t you think? Although I can see why the tourist board would go with the latter. The other day, a friend of mine was horrified when his son came out with … Continue reading

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Judgement Day

Gundega: Do you write a blog? Me: SHHH! (Looking around like a fugitive) Yes, I do… Gundega: No, no, I love it! Me: Oh. Great, thanks! Glad you like it.  (pregnant pause) Gundega: (with a healthy amount of desperation) Don’t … Continue reading

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Something is rotten in the state of Latvia

If you’ve heard about Latvia in the news recently (apart from the Winter Olympics – three medals and counting), you’ve more than likely heard about how Latvia has one of the highest GDP growth rates in Europe, or how Latvia … Continue reading

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It’s a sad day

No jokes. No sarcasm. No pictures. Today is a truly sad day for Latvia. Yesterday evening, the roof of a supermarket in the outskirts of Riga collapsed. As is the way with these things, it happened at around 6pm, just … Continue reading

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Does this blog make my butt look big?

God, I hope not. I live in Latvia and they just don’t tolerate that sort of thing here. Other women stomp on you with their gold-studded, leopard-print stilettos for letting the side down. They let their rat-dogs out of their … Continue reading

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Growing old disgracefully

I seldom think about my old age. I assume that I won’t live to see it. On the rare occasions that the thought does flit across my mind, I picture myself as tiny and white-haired, more gumption than gummy. In … Continue reading

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The happiest nation on earth

While half-watching BBC News this morning, my attention was suddenly drawn away from my boiled egg (in an egg cup) and towards the newsreader. She was about to announce which nation is the world’s happiest. You can imagine my surprise … Continue reading

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