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Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most miserable of them all?

Walking around the streets of Riga, facial expressions range from dour to miserable to downright homicidal. If you’re hoping for a cheery smile or a nod to brighten up that bleak wintry morning, you’ve come to the wrong city. When … Continue reading

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Walk forest walk

I’ve stopped asking my students what they got up to at the weekend. One reason is that it’s like pulling teeth. They look at you like they think you might be planning to use this highly sensitive information against them … Continue reading

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Rubber gloves and bacon love

Living in Riga, there are many ways you could choose to spend your Sunday afternoon. You could go for an extremity-threatening stroll around the city; you could go to a gallery or a museum; you could sample the delights of … Continue reading

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Small talk? Take a walk.

A typical conversation between two total strangers in Ireland might go something like this: Niamh: Hi, how are you? Sinéad: Ah grand, you know yourself.  Niamh: I do indeed… I’m Niamh. You? Sinéad: Sinéad. So, where are you from, Niamh? … Continue reading

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Get your glad rags on…

Latvians are the best-dressed people in the world. Ask any Latvian. And if ‘best-dressed’ means donning as much fur, gold lamé, leopard print and jewellery as humanly possible then they might be right. It’s the only country in the world … Continue reading

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Snow Days No More

One of the main differences between Irish people and Latvian people is that an Irish person will tell you it’s ‘Baltic’ when it’s around 10 degrees celsius; a Latvian will tell you that it’s warm when it’s -10 with a … Continue reading

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Welcome to life in Latvia

I had a vision of what my life would be like as a TEFL teacher. Stretched out on my sun-soaked balcony, gazing out over waves lapping on pure white sand, turning over sporadically to make sure I baked evenly all … Continue reading

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