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It’s Valentine’s Day. God help us all.

I’m not normally one for Valentine’s Day. Mainly because I’ve rarely had a man in my life on this particular day. I now realise that this was actually a good thing – I didn’t have to worry about what to … Continue reading

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I’m married to a Latvian

That got your attention, right? Of course I’m not really married to a Latvian but I get an awful lot of search terms on my blog about ‘Latvian men’, and more specifically ‘naked Latvian men’, so I thought I’d write … Continue reading

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Ode to my Bus Nemesis

  You’re at my bus stop every day, You never smile; that’s your Latvian way. You’re thin and blonde, not a hair out of place, While I’m a dragged out of bed disgrace. The bus pulls up; it’s full as … Continue reading

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Ode to Latvians

I walk among you every day, and yet, I’m still baffled by some of your ways. So maybe you can save me musing, and explain some things I find confusing… Of your national dish you’re so very proud, but grey … Continue reading

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