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An open letter to Latvijas Pasts

Dear Latvijas Pasts,  Having lived in Latvia for almost four years now, I truly thought that I had scraped the bottom of the barrel when it came to deplorable customer service. However, on Thursday afternoon, your Čaka Street branch plumbed new … Continue reading

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One thing my students say which never fails to amuse me is, “The best English is spoken in London”. Once I’ve picked myself up off the floor and wiped my eyes, I tell them to look up “EastEnders” on YouTube … Continue reading

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Will I get a happy ending?

I think that I might finally be nearing the light at the end of my washing machine tunnel. For those who missed the original post, I’ve had a broken washing machine for close to two months now, thanks to an exploding … Continue reading

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Finally, it’s the positive post…

“Just wondering why didn’t I realise earlier that you are some dirty scumbag from Ireland. That is the only excuse to that cynical and dishonorable generalisation of latvian mammas especially on Mother’s day.My suggestion is put on your beloved Penney’s … Continue reading

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It’s a funny old world

I promised myself that when Expat Eye hit 200,000 views, I’d do one final search term review – y’know, try to answer all the weird and wonderful search engine queries that bring people from all over the world to my little … Continue reading

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On yer bike

I love meeting up with the people who read my blog. So far, it’s brought Lasma, Yummy Janis, Tamara and Gunta, among others, into my life. And apart from one slightly hairy moment with Gunta, it’s gone really well. Gunta: … Continue reading

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On the hunt for hipsters

In a recent survey by skyscanner.net, Miera iela, Riga, topped the list of the most hipster neighbourhoods in the world. Miera iela (or Peace Street) beat off competition from Williamsburg in New York, Kreuzberg in Berlin and Mission District in San Francisco. Here’s how … Continue reading

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Giving expats a bad name

On Thursday evening, I went to an InterNations get-together. I enjoy these for a number of reasons. One – it’s an excuse to drink on a school night; two – I get to visit a new bar or café that … Continue reading

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In Latvia, you can’t win

I try to chat to my mother once a week on the phone and, over the course of our conversations, the blog usually comes up. Me: So, what did you think of such and such a post? Mammy O’Grady: Well, … Continue reading

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You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry

The other day, one of my students made me mad. Hopping mad. Believe it or not, this is actually pretty hard to do. While I am what some might call a bitch little feisty in ‘real life’, in the classroom, … Continue reading

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